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We have a class for everybody

We understand it can be intimidating getting started. Our classes are truly designed for every body, at every level. All of our offerings complement each other to balance your body and help you feel your best!

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The Original Hot Yoga

Hot 90, Hot 60

Are you looking for pain relief, peace of mind, or increased strength and flexibility? We want that for you too! This series, the Bikram method of yoga, is like a multivitamin for your whole body. A sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises systematically designed to work your whole body, inside out. 

Our expert instructors will guide you through this beginner's style of yoga that has been transforming lives around the world for decades. The Hot Room is a proud member of the Original Hot Yoga Association, dedicated to preserving the therapeutic Bikram method of yoga.


*Also available "with music" for seasoned students

Mindbody  Fitness

Inferno Hot Pilates

Build mental and physical strength, burn fat, and HAVE FUN in this popular low-impact, high energy class. Combining high-intensity interval training with Pilates principles, you will ignite your core, relieve low back pain, and see massive results quickly!

Weights and bands are used in most classes, and are always optional depending on your needs. 


Mix It Up

Fire Flow

A fun and accessible heated Vinyasa sequence links breath with movement in this class that will ignite your inner fire. You will create strength and flexibility in your physical body and bring peace and tranquility to your mind. Perfect for beginner's and seasoned yogis alike.

Hatha Hips

A playful exploration of postures and exercises provide an opportunity to explore beyond the original hot yoga postures as you increase flexibility and strength for the hips, spine, and upper body. All levels welcome, however a basic understanding of the Hot Yoga series is recommended.  


Sounds For Healing

Singing bowls, frame drums, native flutes, gongs, and other instruments wash over you with sustained waves of sound for a purely relaxing and unique experience. In this soothing meditative state, cellular vibrations can unlock stuck emotional tension, cultivate heightened intuition, and even boost your immune system.

A monthly experience exclusively at The Hot Room. 

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Slow It Down

Candlelight Yin

Do you want to really unwind and let go? These classes provide fewer postures with longer holds to help you move past the muscles and into the connective tissue, while increasing circulation to the joints and improving flexibility.  Add this to your schedule 1-2 times a week for cumulative and lasting changes in mobility and to connect with yourself in a more positive way.

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